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Hair Salon Chairs ( top 10)  for those who are planning to start or upgrade their salon

Here, I have brought the Top 10 Hair Salon Chairs for you. So, You can compare features and prices according to your choice and budget.

Whenever we fall upon a salon, the first thing our eyes espy is the embellishment and the environment. Specifically, the Hair Salon Chairs on which we are to be seated if the quality is not satisfactory the foam is torn or it is scratched as a result, it’ll leave a bad impact on the client.

And he/she will not recommend your place to others. No matter how to facet your work is. So, choose your best fit according to your client’s comfort.

Upgrade your furniture according to your choice to make your spa look astounding. You’ll also find a recliner best for all purposes swiveled, hair styling, makeup, massage. I’ve placed all types of recliners that you’ll need.

Here is the list of the 10 Hair Salon Chairs

1. Saddle rolling stool for barbershop
2. ABS plastic shampoo bowl for barbershop
3. Adjustable massage bed stool
4. Hydraulic styling barber recliner
5. Hydraulic leather swivel classic
6. Vanquish hydraulic recline
7. Vintage hydraulic recliner
8. Buy-Rite K.O. professional all-purpose recliner
9. Hair cut saddle stool
10. Adjustable hydraulic recliner

Hair Salon Chairs – Quick Ranking

# Preview Product Rating Price  
1 Saddle rolling stool for massage salon / Barbershop No ratings yet $ view-on-amazon
2 ABS plastic shampoo bowl sink chair for barbershop and & salon ABS plastic shampoo bowl sink chair for barbershop and & salon 4.2 out of 5 $235.99 view-on-amazon
3 Adjustable massage bed stool for salon and barbershop Adjustable massage bed stool for salon and barbershop 4.4 out of 5 $205.99 view-on-amazon
4 Hydraulic styling best barber chairs Hydraulic styling best barber chairs No ratings yet $415.97 view-on-amazon
5 Hydraulic Leather Swivel Classic Salon chair Hydraulic Leather Swivel Classic Salon chair 4.5 out of 5 $174.99 view-on-amazon
6 Vanquish Hydraulic chair Vanquish Hydraulic chair 4.6 out of 5 $1,150.00 view-on-amazon
7 Vintage hydraulic barbershop chairs Vintage hydraulic barbershop chairs 4 out of 5 $699.90 view-on-amazon
8 Buy-Rite K.O. professional all-purpose recliner Buy-Rite K.O. professional all-purpose recliner 4.5 out of 5 $749.00 view-on-amazon
9 Hair-cut saddle stool for barbershop and salon Hair-cut saddle stool for barbershop and salon 4 out of 5 $149.00 view-on-amazon
10 Adjustable Hydraulic barbershop chairs Adjustable Hydraulic barbershop chairs 4.3 out of 5 $194.99 view-on-amazon

Our Unbiased Reviews

1. Saddle rolling stool for massage salon / Barbershop

It is a modest and comfortable chair for the barbershop. 

It comes in 2 types. With backrest and without backrest. It has a free return policy. You can adjust the seat from 21-28 inches. It helps to maintain your posture. It can be excruciating for people taller than 6 feet. So, it’s better to measure dimensions before buying.

The soft cushion seat is very comfortable for sitting. It has an undeviating weight limit of 400 IBS. Its quality is manufactured in faux leather material. And the frame is composed of metal. The seat height is 4 inches. Its wheels are made of rubber, So it’s safe for floors.

I like how easy it can be assembled it takes just 2 steps to assemble it.
The best thing about this is it has a full return policy within 1 year of purchase. Furthermore, it’s very reasonable

  • Comfortable cushion for sitting and helps maintain posture
  • Designed for persons up to 400IBS
  • Free rotation of wheels
  • comfortable for any personal space
  • Steel quality makes it stronger than any other plastic quality
  • Adjustable stand as it can be adjusted from 21 to 28 inches
  • about 4 inches taller than regular stools
  • it comes with 2 types
  • with backrest
  • without backrest
  • Not best for persons more than 6 feet tall


2. ABS plastic shampoo bowl sink chair for barbershop and & salon

The chair sink is the best barber chair as it gives an upscale, professional, and prestigious look. This makes it very comfortable for clients to wash their hair. I liked the fact how the sink and chair are connected.

They are wider than normal shampoo bowls. And water strength is phenomenal making it easier to rinse hair thoroughly. Clients would love the neck support it gives because it usually takes 10 15 minutes to wash hair so the neck support would help from getting neck pain.

Includes high bulk foam for extra comfort. Double strengthened saddle
sticking obviates ripening and tearing. A high-quality sink is most resistant, stylish, and easy to clean.


       Seat dimension: 20’L*19W
       Back dimension: 19’L*16’W 2” D
       Base dimension: 40.5’L*15W*24” H  rubber headset cover: 5’L*3’W
       Washing bowl: 23.6*21.7” W*8” D
       Seat height: from ground 19
       Armrest width 2


The material used for manufacturing is rubber. Moreover, it’s cheap and a good investment for those who are in process of a new salon or have less budget.

  • The chair and the sink are connected.
  • Easy to wash client’s hairs
  • Comfortable
  • solid impressive quality
  • weight capacity 450 LBS
  • Returnable
  • The headrest in the bowl is low for some people

3. Adjustable massage bed stool for salon and barbershop

An adjustable massage bed gives an impressive look to your spa when it comes to your clients. It is very comfortable for massage, eyelash extensions, facials, waxing, it can be adjusted as per your requirement.

The soft and high-density cushion makes it very soft to use. For the backrest, it can be reclined from 0-45 degrees. For leg rest and upward recline to 0-60 degrees. Made up of faux leather and steel.

In my opinion, it’s very cheap and a compulsory part of your barbershop this will make your spa look more advanced and would attract more clients.

  • All-purpose
  • Adjustable
  • Installation is quite easy
  • Returnable
  • Material quality is solid
  • Stool length can be short for some people


4. Hydraulic styling best barber chairs

The hydraulic chair is the most used recliner all over barbershops and salons, frequently used for hair cutting, bridal makeovers, tattoo shops. The comfort it gives to clients makes it worth its price because bridal makeovers sometimes take 3 4 hours which is very fatigued.

This barbershop chair immense features a seat padded and high sponge that helps the hips and arms from excess pressure and disperses pressure.

Its function of back lifting while the client is sitting shows its comfort. It can bear up to 150kg weight. It supports back very well.

Its red color makes it more captivating for me. It’s my choice but your salon
chooses the color according to your salon theme or chooses black because red enhances some stains but black stays long.

Besides, if in some case there is some problem it can be returned.

  • Comfortable sitting
  • Easy to assemble
  • comes in 2 parts the sofa part and iron parts
  • Quality material is leather and stainless steel
  • Returnable item

  • Needs assembly

5. Hydraulic Leather Swivel Classic Salon chair

These swivel barbershop chairs are the foremost choice for hair styling, as it’s so cozied its ergonomic style gives user back support and help reduce pressure on the spine person don’t get tired from sitting a long time on it and can enjoy a pleasant hairdressing experience.

It can incarcerate a maximum weight of 250 LBS
It can easily be returned if there is any kind of problem within 2 years so I think it’s a very beneficial point and it can be a very good choice for beginners
other than this it is very cheap than other choices.

When having a haircut foot can be straight or placed on the paddle for comfort. It allows a 360-degree swivel.

It’s not so heavy it weighs about 50 pounds. So can be handled easily
Its sturdiness and classic style and material which is alloy steel make it more worthy.

  • 2 years warranty
  • easy to flock together
  • complacent
  • affordable
  • sturdy
  • weight-bearing capacity is less


6. Vanquish hydraulic hair salon chairs

Vanquish hydraulic recline is goanna give a sophisticated look to your place. These barbershop chairs and their retro design are foremost durable and warm faux leather is surely made to meet the demands of a modified salon while giving some glimpse of classic old times.

Its super heavy hydraulic pump supports a weight of over 580 LBS. The chair is super comfortable for anyone 6ft and under.

It requires just a few steps to convene.
It can spin to 360-degrees for your convenience. To give a perfect cut. The adjustable and locking headset is also removable for additional space.

Black and red colors are available but they can also be customized on request.
High-quality antique detailed product. It’ll leave a captivating effect on the client.

7. Vintage hydraulic hair salon chairs

If you want that sumptuous effect, a Vintage hydraulic chair is one of the finest options. All-rounder recliner has a complete 360-degrees swivel.

An extremely convenient and warm choice for clients. Long-lasting and high-quality product.Supportive and strong product with an extra-wide seat and completely adjustable head support.

The footrest is also very moveable and easily kicked out when reclined.
I like its firmness. Very easy to turn from side to side. Your clients will feel overindulged in this luxury chair even without you


As far as technical details it can endure up to 500 LBS. Overall height 44.1 a seat height of 23.6-31 (front to back).
Backrest 19.7’W * 16.5’H
Headrest 8.3’W * 4.7’H
Footrest 14.8’L * 10.6’W, 12.2’L*7.9’W
Distance between 2 armrests 27.6
Its value is worth it.
Frame material is aluminum and faux leather.

  • Extra-wide seat
  • 360 swivel rotations
  • 1-year warranty
  • All-purpose barber chair
  • backrest reclines up to 140-degrees
  • It can Bearup to 500LBS
  • Sometimes headrest doesn’t stay locked


8. Buy-Rite K.O. professional all-purpose recliner

Well, this is what you call an actual barber chair. It’s manufactured with faux leather. Very well processed with steel material.

It comes with a 27 chromes base which facilitates clients and makes it highly stable. This recliner is very durable with the workmanship and agonized stitching.

It is whole sided equipped with steel alloy frames and stainless-steel parts.

Gives you 360-degrees easy rotation. And providing your client homely backrest.
This classic design fits with every theme.

Likewise, it also comes with a hydraulic pump weighing 550 pounds.
Its cushion is so soft and slippery.

This product serves as a hairstyling, barber, and tattoo chair. Its ability to
rotate makes is suitable for all kinds of activities like eyebrows, waxing, hair styling, makeup, facial, and tattooing.

This product’s price is worth it. This piece contains all features a salon owner can ask for.

  • Well, made
  • Sturdy
  • Oversized
  • Hold a weight of 498.2 LBS
  • Flexible adjustment
  • Backrest reclining about 140-degrees
  • Humanized Design for comfort
  • 1-year warranty
  • A bit heavy
  • Sometimes can be difficult to assemble

9. Hair-cut saddle stool for barbershop and salon

So, do you know what a comfortable chair is when it comes to haircuts and styling?
Well, here it is (yes), the most comfortable stool of all that I have seen till now and I’ll refer this to all because of its advanced design.

Its most attractive features include. It’s more than a 10 cm liftable height chair, it is a cushy height design. Condensed explosion-proof chassis, stable, safety relieved. It’s greatly used in barber and salon shops for hairdressing.

Most of all it is a lightweight product it weighs
around 0.035 ounces.

Its ergonomic design and curved soft backrest and provide the most precise support. What else does a client or hairdresser wish for when it has all qualities.

Do update your salon with such a piece of amazing furniture. And grab your audience.

  • Ergonomic Backrest
  • 360-degrees gyration
  • versatile height
  • Rugged and substantial
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • A little extravagant

10. Adjustable Hydraulic hair salon chairs

So here it is the last product on our list. The chair that everybody prioritizes while making a salon or Barbershop.

This premium quality barbershop chair is the most reliable product.
This hairdressing chair features a spacious enough seat padded with a soft sponge.

The most captivating feature facilitates us with extra comfort and safety.
It’s effortless convene makes it very good for the owner.

Dimensions include

Railing dimensions 19.7*3.9*2.0 inches (L*W*H)
Pedal deflector dimensions
11.8*14.8*1.6 (L*W*H)
Pedal Dimensions
11.8*13*1 (L*W*H)
Chassis dimensions (0.1*26.8) height*diameter
Railing height to ground 28 minimum 32.3 maximum
Height from seat to floor 22.4 minimum 27.2 maximum.

So, I have provided you with the list of the 10 hair salon chairs. Choose your favorite product according to your choice and budget and update your salon. Hope this will help you.

  • Combined with premium metal and leather materials
  • Railings are specifically designed to protect from falls
  • Supports up to 330.7 LBS
  • A slightly heavier